Shenzhen Polytechnic Regulations for International Students

(For Students of Non-degree Chinese Language Course)

一、 总则

General Guidelines



Shenzhen Polytechnic has been authorized by relevant administrative management department of the Chinese government to admit foreign students since 2004.The courses provided to foreign students have always been focusing on non-degree course selections of Chinese language and culture. These regulations are formulated to further promote the internationalization of Shenzhen Polytechnic and effective administration of international students.

International Office responsible for all the items of international student, and the education items are directly charged by International Education Department.

1、 本条例适用对象

1. Applicable Students


These regulations are applicable to students who are non-Chinese citizens and formally registered with Shenzhen Polytechnic for the non-degree course selections of Chinese language.

2、 入学资格

2. Prerequisites for Admission


Foreigners over eighteen years of age with a secondary education background who are eligible to obtain a Chinese visa are qualified to apply for the non-degree course of Chinese language in Shenzhen Polytechnic, and are exempt from entrance examination.

3、 申请

3. Application


1)Application for enrollment can be made for either spring semester or autumn semester.


2)Foreigners who wishes to apply for admissions at Shenzhen Polytechnic shall fill in and submit an <Application Form for International students> and provide photocopies of passport, diploma and transcripts. Originals of the above mentioned documents may also be required for verification. Applicants who have previously taken HSK tests or other Chinese language proficiency tests may provide their certificates or test results, which will be used for the purpose of class placement.


3)International Office requested the International Education Department at Shenzhen Polytechnic shall be in charge of the admission, qualification verification, registration and organization of necessary examinations and interviews.


4. Tuitions


1)The tuition for international students enrolled in non-degree Chinese language course at Shenzhen Polytechnic shall be determined by the I International Office. For details please refer to <Payment Instructions for International students>.


2)International students are required to pay the required tuition in one lump sum before they can begin their course study.

二、 BOB电竞登录外国留学生教学管理规定

Education regulations for international students


5.The basic requirements of international students studying at Shenzhen Polytechnic


During studying at Shenzhen Polytechnic, the international students should follow blow requirements:

1) 努力学习,认真完成学习任务。

Work hard at study and make efforts to complete learning tasks.

2) 遵守7979澳门娱乐游戏平台的规章制度。

Observe rules and regulations of Shenzhen Polytechnic。

3) 敬重教师及7979澳门娱乐游戏平台工作人员

Respect teachers and school staffs。

4) 同学间相互敬重,团结友好。

Pay respect to fellow students and be friendly.

5) 锻炼身体,讲究卫生。

Take an active part in sports to keep healthy and maintain good personal hygiene.

6) 学风端正,举止文明。

Develop a good attitude and study habits and behave well.

7) 维护文明校园环境,保持7979澳门娱乐游戏平台正常生活秩序和学习秩序。

Play a constructive role in maintaining a civilized campus and orderly living and study environment

8) 遵守中国政府有关的法令和规定。

Abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China.

9) 敬重中国人民的风俗习惯。

Respect the customs and habits of the Chinese people.

10) 维护和增进各国人民之间的友谊。

Maintain and promote friendship among people from all of world.


6. Regulations for study administration


1) In order for them to complete their study task, efficiently, the international students should observe all study disciplines and attend class. They should not be late for or absent from classes or leave classes early. They should not smoke, talk or use mobile phones in class.


2) International students should respect teachers and be friendly to classmates, and contribute to building and maintaining good relationship among teachers and fellow students.


3) In case of absence from class due to sickness or personal reason for up to 4 hours, students should submit a written application for Leave-of-Absence and ask the supervising teacher for permission; in case of absence from class for more than 4 hours, they must submit a written application to International Office and ask for leave. Students failing to do so shall be recorded as absence without proper reasons


4) During study, international students shall not seek employment or engage in business activities.


5) International students should follow the teaching plan to complete their course and take examinations. The examinations use a percentage grading system.


6) Students who fail to participate in an examination due to personal reasons shall be treated as intentional giving up the test, and their score shall be recorded as zero. However,in case of sickness or other emergent reasons, a student may submit a written application to the International Education Department for reschedule of examination and provide relevant proof. If the application is approved, the International Education Department will make arrangement for rescheduled examination and the students shall pay an extra fee for the examination. Their scores shall be recorded and treated as normal test scores.


7) The scholarships of international students shall be closely linked to students’ academic record and class attendance rate. Only those students whose average attendance rate reaches 85% in one semester are qualified for scholarships.


8) International students should choose the suitable class depend on their language level, after registering to the class, it cannot be changed. If actually need to change class or take some lessons from other classes, international students should submit the written application to International education office.

三、 BOB电竞登录留学生宿舍管理规定

Regulations for Living in International Students’ Dormitories


Students’ dormitory provides international students with a comfortable space for living, study, and social life. In order to maintain an orderly environment, the following regulations are formulated.



1)If International students wish to apply for on-campus dormitory, they should pay the accommodation fee (including 1600 yuan for deposit) and the tuition at the same time, otherwise the student would be regarded as an extern student. An international student shall be assigned a dormitory room after they have made the payment. They shall not occupy other rooms or exchange rooms among themselves without prior notification of and permission from the International Education Department. International students should submit their passport and photographs to the teacher in charge of visa affairs within 24 hours after they move in the dormitory to register Temporary Residence for Foreign Visitors.

During summer and winter holidays the dormitory shall be closed. We don’t provide rooms for couples or family members of a student. International students shall not put up or accommodate anyone else in their dormitory unless they have acquired approval from the International Office and made extra payment. Normally two students will share one dormitory room. If a student wishes to live in one room by him- or herself, he or she should apply to the International Education Department. The application shall be granted if there are sufficient dormitory rooms and the student shall pay single room fee.


2) Dormitory room fees are as follows: 600 yuan/month/bed when two students share a room and 1200 yuan/month for a single student taking one room, 30 yuan/month/person for residential property management fee, 1600 yuan for deposit of the room, 200 yuan for deposit of the key and air-conditioner controller. The exchange students should pay deposit for the room and other fees as stipulated in the agreement between Shenzhen Polytechnic and their own university. After registration for each semester, the self-funded students can move to the dormitory after they have made the payment for the tuition fee and the accommodation fee (including 1600 yuan for deposit) and signed the agreement to abide by the Regulations for International Students’ Dormitory. Under special circumstances the student can apply to the International Office for delay in payment. A clerk would read your water and electricity meters every month and paste the bill on your door. Payment for the bill should be made within three days, failure in doing so may result in the suspension of water and electricity supply in your room.




3)Before a student checks in to the accommodation, he must sign < The Contract for International Students to Live in School Dormitory> and < Shenzhen Polytechnic Safety Responsibility Paper>, which will be kept for record.

After completing the documents of check in, students can get their room keys and an air conditioner controller at the Mentor’s office and sign on the corresponding form. Once entering the dorm, the student need to double check the items in the dorm according to the item list, the current readings on the water and electricity meter, fill in the <Shenzhen Polytechnic International Student Accommodation Registration Form> and sign for confirmation. At the time the student moves out, Shenzhen Polytechnic will retrieve the keys and air conditioner controller, check the room items against the item list. In case of any loss or damage the student shall make compensation for it. after this Shenzhen Polytechnic will refund the room deposit to the student.

If a student wishes to continue to study at Shenzhen Polytechnic and live in the students’ dormitory in the next semester, he should make payment for the tuition for next semester within the last two weeks of the current semester. The student then can use the receipt for tuition to make reservation for accommodation for the next semester Otherwise the student must go through all the necessary formalities for checking out at the end of the semester.


4) In case of any damage to furniture or other facility, residents should promptly report to the Accommodation Administration Office for repair or replacement. If the damage occurs as a result of improper usage, the resident should make compensation. If there are any existing damages when the students move in, they should immediately report the damage to the to their mentor or housekeeper.


5) Residents shall not engage in any forms of activities in violation of laws of the People’s Republic of China and Shenzhen Polytechnic regulations, and they shall not transfer or sub-lease their dormitory room, or accommodate others in their room. Residents shall not use the dormitory room for religious activities, violation of which will lead to immediate cancellation of resident’s accommodation qualification. If the consequences are serious, the student will be handed over to relevant authority for further investigation. The International Office retains the right to transfer a resident to another room if necessary.

6) 遵守防火规定,严禁乱动配电箱和消防器材,室内禁止存放易燃、易爆物品,对由此造成损失的,须据实赔偿一切损失。注意用电安全,宿舍内禁止使用电炉、酒精炉等加热设备和大功率电器,以防止火灾发生。不得随地乱扔未熄灭的烟头。违反者,上述电器将被没收。如因使用这类电器而引发事故,其全部损失将有肇事者负责,并追究其应有的责任。

6)Residents should abide by the provisions of fire prevention. Misusing power distribution box and fire-fighting equipment or storing inflammable, explosive items indoor are strictly forbidden. Residents are liable to all losses caused by the afore-mentioned misbehaviors. Residents should take care of electric safety. They shall not throw burning cigarette butts carelessly. In order to prevent fire, the use of heating equipment and high power electric equipment such as electric stoves, alcohol stoves, etc. in the dormitory is prohibited. Violation of these rules will lead to confiscation of the relevant electrical equipment. If any damage or accident occurs as a result of the use of such equipments, the violator shall be solely responsible for all losses and legal responsibility.

7) 严禁乱拉电线,有线电视线和卫星天线。保管好个人钱财及有关证件,防止失窃。请随手关门,出门锁好房间。留学生如果钥匙遗漏在房间内,需要借用房间钥匙,可与门卫人员或管理人员联系借钥匙并在开门后马上归还。任何人不得随便借用他人房间的钥匙,也不准将本人房间钥匙借给他人使用。

7) It is strictly prohibited to change the electric and cable wires or set satellite antenna. Residents are reminded to take care of their personal belongings and important documents to guard against theft. Make sure the door is properly locked before you leave the room. If a resident leaves his key in his lucked room, he may seek help from the dormitory guard or housekeeper, who will allow him to use the janitor’s key to unlock his room. It’s forbidden to borrow and use room keys to others’ rooms, or lend your own room keys to anyone other than your roommate.


8) Residents are prohibited to replace their door lock without permission. If the lock needs to be replaced due to a proper reason, the residents must submit a written application to the mentor. If it is approved, then the lock shall be replaced by a professional workers, and one spare key should be submitted to the dormitory service center or the mentor.


9) Residents should make the public places (including corridors and staircases) and their dormitory rooms a quiet, clean and comfortable place for everyone. They shall not pile up any sort of sundries or stain the wall. For each stain on the wall the responsible person shall be fined 5 yuan with a receipt for the fine. The forfeit will be used to reward to well behaved residents or for dormitory maintenance. It’s forbidden to keep any pet in the dormitory, once found, the violator will be given a written warning from the International Office, and send the pet away within three days. If the resident fails to do so or is found to keep a pet for a second time, the pet will be confiscated and the violator will be disqualified from accommodation.


10) Residents shall turn off the main room light before 23:00, while the use of table lights are permitted. It’s prohibited to make any loud noise after 23:00, such as talking loudly, play music loudly, or linger in the corridor or other public places and residents must get back to their own room. If anyone breaks this rule for the first time, he will get a warning, and if he violates again, he will be disqualified from accommodation.


11) Residents are not allowed to get out of the dormitory gate after 23:00 from Sunday to Thursday or after 23:30 on Friday and Saturday. If you need to go out in special cases, you should contact the housekeeper to fill in an application form (include: time of leaving, expected time of return, where you are going, contact person and telephone number, and declaring to take sole responsibility for personal and financial security).After coming back to school, you should inform the housekeeper by SMS or telephone call. Climbing over the wall or the gate etc is strictly forbidden, the violator will get a warning for the first time, and will be disqualified from accommodation for a second violation.


12) Unless they can produce a permission note from the dormitory housekeeper or they are under special circumstances, all residents who return after 23:00 from Sunday to Thursday or after 24:30 on Friday and Saturday need to follow the gatekeeper’s instructions and register as BEING LATE. Residents BEING LATE or not following the instructions will get a warning for the first time, and will be disqualified from accommodation for a second violation.


13) The Lounge Room. Residents can only use the lounge room after informing the housekeeper or appointed assistants and make the registration. The following behaviors are forbidden in the lounge room: being noisy, lighting candles, drinking alcohol, any activity which might affect other residents, and any behavior which is against the Regulations for Living in International Students’ Dormitory. Residents who have used the lounge room should clean it, turn off the power supply and leave it before 23:30. Residents shall not hold parties in the dormitory without approval from the International Office. Residents who do not follow the rules for the lounge room eg. using without registration, forcing open the door and other behaviors which is against the Regulation will get a warning for the first time, and will be disqualified from accommodation for a second violation.


14) To prevent bodily injury, residents should not play balls and skateboard or ride bicycle in the corridor. They should not sit on the handrail, jostle or fight beside the handrail. Nudity is banned in public places, violator of which will be given a warning for the first time, while a second violation will lead to disqualification of accommodation.


15) Boys are not allowed to enter the girls’ dormitory. Girls are allowed to enter the boys’ dormitory if they have got permission from the housekeeper, they need to leave the boys’ room at the specific time. Violation of this will lead to a warning for the first time and disqualification of accommodation for the second time.


16) Nonresident students who want to visit a resident student need to show ID documents to the door keeper. Before they can enter the dormitory, they should fill in a visitor’s form and leave their ID documents with the door keeper, which will be returned to them when they have completed their visit. Anyone other than resident students should not enter the dormitory without permission. During visit the visitors should not make any noise and keep quiet in the dormitory.


17) Residents should take good care of public property, save water and electricity. They shall not replace furniture, damage or remove the facilities in the dormitory building and room. Any loss or damage of the public property need to be compensated according to the cost.


18) Residents should maintain good personal hygiene and behave well in the dormitory. They should not brawl, heckle and throw bottles, lamps or other rubbish. Any activities that may interrupt or disturb other residents are banned.


19) Violators of these regulations will be duly punished depending on the severity in accordance to relevant regulations.

四、 外国留学生奖惩管理规定

Reward and Punishment Regulations

1) 教学奖励:

1) Reward for excellent study performance


For the purpose of encouraging international students to work diligently and achieve better academic performance, Shenzhen Polytechnic has established the following scholarships for outstanding foreign students, details are as follows:

① 参评条件:

① Qualifications:

? 自觉遵守中国法律和7979澳门娱乐游戏平台各项规章制度,无任何违规违纪记录;

? Stay in compliance with Chinese laws and all regulations of Shenzhen Polytechnic, keep a clean record.

? 尊师爱校,敬重异国同学,积极参加集体活动;

? Respect teachers and fellow foreign students, actively participate in group activities.

? 勤奋学习,积极上进,诚实守信,品德端正,成绩优异;

? Study diligently and aggressively, be honest and maintain good character, have achieved excellent scores.

? 上课认真听讲,认真完成作业,平均成绩85分以上,出勤率达到85%以上。

? Be active and attentive in class, complete course assignments carefully. Grade average above 85 points and class attendance rate above 85%.


Any international student who meets the above four requirements are qualified to apply for the scholarship.

② 奖项设置:

② Scholarships Category:

? 综合奖学金

? Comprehensive Scholarship


Up to 15% of the total international students would be awarded with Comprehensive Scholarship, each scholarship recipient would be awarded RMB 1500 Yuan.

? 单项奖学金

? Single Curriculum Scholarship


The quota of awarded students depends on the actual conditions of the applicants, each scholarship recipient would be awarded RMB 500 Yuan. The Single Curriculum Scholarship includes the following types:

a) 学习进步奖(条件:学习态度认真,学习成绩明显提高。)

a) Award of Progress (Apparent improvement in academic performance)

b) 突出表现奖(条件:积极参与7979澳门娱乐游戏平台各项活动,热情为同学服务。)

b) Outstanding Achievements(Participating actively in student activities with a strong sense of service)

c) 全勤奖(条件:出勤率在100%以上,不迟到,不早退,不缺课。

c) Full Participation(100% class participation rate, no late-for-class or early quit)

d) HSK优胜奖(条件:在7979澳门娱乐游戏平台学习期间通过HSK考试六级以上者。)

d) HSK Award (Pass Band 6 or higher HSK tests while studying at Shenzhen Polytechnic)


Students may be awarded both Comprehensive Scholarship and Single Curriculum Scholarship at the same time.


2) Punishment:

① 外国留学生凡未请假而无故缺勤者,均按旷课处理。

① Skipping class without asking for leave would be considered Absence if no special occasion would apply.

② 留学生在规定上课时间迟到15分钟按缺课1学时计,迟到15分钟以内,累计3次按缺课1学时计。

② Being late for class for longer than 15 minutes would be considered absent for one credit hour, being late for class for less than 15 minutes each time but for three times accumulatively would be considered absent for one credit hour

③ 一学期内,缺课数累计达到总课时的20%时,国际教育部领导要同本人谈话。累计旷课达到全部学时的50%者,取消学期末考试资格,不颁发结业证书,只可办理学习证明。累计旷课学时达到及超过全部学时的70%者,7979澳门娱乐游戏平台将对其进行解雇处理,所交学费不予退还,并通知公安机关出入境管理机构取消其学生签证。

③ In case of being absent for more than 20% of the total credit hours in one semester, the student would be required to meet with the director of the International Education Department. If the absence rate reaches 50% of the total credit hours in one semester, the student would be disqualified to sit for the final exams and to obtain a certification for the course. The student would only be given a proof of enrollment instead. If the absence rate amounts to more than 70% of the total credit hours in one semester, Shenzhen Polytechnic would dispel the student without refunding the tuitions, and contact the Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration of the Ministry of Public Safety to revoke the visa of the student.

④ 一学期内,首月旷课率达到或超过60%的学生,将由辅导员对其发出书面警告,第二个月旷课率还达到或超过60%的学生,国际教育部领导要同本人谈话,连续第三个月旷课达到或超过60%的学生,7979澳门娱乐游戏平台将对其进行解雇处理,所交学费不予退还,并通知公安机关出入境管理机构取消其学生签证。

④ During one semester, if students who absent from class achieve or more than 60% in first month, their will receive the written warning from students’ tutor, in second month, if these students continuously absent from class achieve or more than 60%, they would be required to meet with the director of the International Education Department, if the absence rate of students continuously achieve or more than 60% for three months, Shenzhen Polytechnic would dispel the student without refunding the tuitions, and contact the Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration of the Ministry of Public Safety to revoke the visa of the student.

⑤ 国外7979澳门娱乐游戏平台指派来7979澳门娱乐游戏平台进行交换学习的留学生,本校每月支付的资助费用与留学生的出勤挂钩,凡学期内无故缺勤达到三次的交换留学生,资助费用将停止发放。

⑤ For exchange students, the financial aid or stipend Shenzhen Polytechnic provides for them shall be linked to their class attendance rate. If a exchange student has been absent from class for three times in one semester without proper reasons, the above mentioned financial aid will be suspended automatically.


3) Regulations for Dormitory

① 从入住宿舍至每学期结束,未曾违反本规定任何条款的宿舍,将评为 优秀宿舍,给予书面表扬及一定的物质奖励。

① From the date of moving in to the end of each semester, those dormitories that have never violated any rules of this Regulation would be awarded Excellent Dormitory and be given certain material award.

② 损坏或遗失公共物品及宿舍内物品的,必须照价赔偿。

② If any object or furniture for public use are damaged or missing from the dorm, the responsible student is required to compensate at the corresponding price.

③ 凡违反以下规定任一条款的学生,一次违反,将接受警告处理,二次违反将取消住宿资格:

③ Students violating any of the following rules would be warned for the first time and be dispelled from the dormitory permanently.

? 23:00后开大灯,大声喧哗及播放高音量的音乐等,在走廊或庭院里逗留或玩耍的。

? Turning room lights on after 23:00, playing high volume music or talking loudly in the corridor or the courtyard.

? 星期天至星期四在23:00后出宿舍大门,星期五至星期六在23:30后出宿舍大门,翻墙、爬墙和翻越大门等的。

? Leaving dormitory after 23:00 from Sunday to Thursday, or leaving dormitory after 23:30 on Friday and Saturday by climbing over the walls or gates.

? 星期天至星期四在23:00后回宿舍的学生,星期五至星期六在23:30后回宿舍的学生,进宿舍大门时不配合大门管理人员的指示,做好相应的登记的。

? Coming back to dormitory later than 23:00 from Sunday to Thursday, or coming back to the dormitory after 23:30 on Friday and Saturday, and refuse to register with the dorm doorman properly during entry to the dorm.

? 不按规定使用活动房的。

? Not using the lounge room in accordance with the relevant regulations.

? 私自进入异性宿舍的。

? Female students entering male dorms or male student entering female dorms without permission.


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